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Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is an American fashion designer born in 1951 in Elmira, United States. At the age of 18, he began working for a retailer and eventually opened his first store, The People's Place, in the suburbs of New York. In 1984, he founded his own label, his creations are primarily intended for students from universities on the East Coast. From the start, the British style, which characterizes the intellectual and elitist youth of American prestige schools, appears as a true philosophy for the brand. Boys' pieces from a good family, with a chic and sporty spirit, whose wardrobe is composed of a blazer, worn with a plain chino (navy blue, beige or red) and an Oxford shirt. An elitist classic, Tommy Hilfiger reinvents traditional Long Island tennis code dress code by dressing up rap stars like Snoop Dogg in the 1990s, dusting off the BCBG look with bold colors and wider cuts. A touch of fantasy that, far from annoying the essence of the house Hilfiger, gives it a new wave of modernity and a touch of eccentricity, a mix of genres that the label now draws its strength. In 1995, the success of the creator is such that it decides to expand its business and expand its customer base by creating lines for women, children, ranges of accessories and shoes. In 2006, Tommy Hilfiger was acquired by investment fund Apax Partners, which also owns Calvin Klein. It implements the brand worldwide by opening more than 900 international stores. Very close to his large family, Tommy Hilfiger does not hesitate to put them forward in the advertising campaigns of the brand. Recently, a collaboration was made with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.


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